Friday, October 15, 2010



Before I start blogging about writing, and maybe interviewing women writers at work - Paris Review style, and books, (and perhaps life, the universe and everything) I'm going to begin the first post on my blog with gratitude.

I can thank international blogger and author Philip Thiel (check out his blog), presenter at the  recent Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival (thanks to Director, Lisa Dempster) for this tentative step into the 21st century world of blogging. His anarchic invitation to get out there and write the internet was heady stuff for a relatively new writer just trying on the shoe for fit. My interaction with Philip led me to pitch a story to the festival organisers for their annual publication The Reader (click on 'Links') which they accepted (thanks editor, Aden Rolfe). The festival and The Reader are significant for emerging writers and best wishes to Lisa and co for their Sydney EWF next month.

Thanks to Ray Norman for demystifying blogs and Ian Norton for facilitating it, and their respective partners Pat and Sylvia for  their patience. And thanks to everyone - family, friends, fellow writers - for their encouragement and support of my efforts so far, to enter the literary arena, including Dr Gina Mercer, former editor of literary journal Island and Anica Boulanger-Mashberg editor of Island's online journal Islet (click on 'Links').

Particular thanks go to my mentor, author Robyn Friend and to my partner, Tony Webb for staying the distance!

Love and gratitude